Laser Tattoo Removal

Why Tattoos are Permanent

Tattoo application inserts ink particles into the skin’s deepest layer, the dermis. When a tattoo needle breaks your skin, your immune system is alerted and sends bacteria-eating cells called macrophages to remove the foreign ink and heal the puncture wound. Because of the ink particles’ size and strategic placement, the much smaller macrophages can only absorb tiny ink fragments at a time, leaving the tattoo permanently trapped in your skin. This natural immune system removal process is carried out over a lifetime, which explains why tattoos gradually fade and lose color after many years.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal assists your immune system by breaking up the ink particles, making it easier for the macrophages to remove the ink naturally. Our Astanza Duality laser directs pulses of light energy over your unwanted tattoo during a laser session. The ink particles absorb the light energy, causing them to heat up and shatter into fragmented nanoparticles that your immune system can more easily remove. With multiple treatments, the ink is continuously fragmented into smaller pieces and flushed out by your immune system.

Multiple treatments are necessary regardless of whether you’re fading a tattoo for a cover-up or removing a tattoo entirely. Tattoos have multiple layers of ink, so many treatments are needed to target each layer until your desired goal is reached.

Fading for Cover-Ups

Laser tattoo removal isn’t just an eraser for removing unwanted tattoos or bad art. It’s a tool that can transform existing art and make room for new tattoos. More clients and tattoo artists are using laser tattoo removal to prepare for a cover-up. Cover-ups carry several restrictions, mainly if an existing tattoo is made with dense black ink. Laser tattoo removal can fade an existing tattoo to create a lighter canvas and lift any limitations from getting the tattoo you actually want. Not only does tattoo fading give your artist more flexibility with their cover-up art, but it also allows you to request more colors, design elements, and creativity for your new cover-up design.

In addition to complete removal and tattoo modification, Laser 180 offers selective removal. This service is perfect for clients who wish to remove a specific part of their tattoo (such as a name) while leaving the surrounding ink intact. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and tattoo assessment!

The Astanza Duality

Laser 180 uses industry-leading laser technology to ensure the safest treatments and most effective results. The Astanza Duality is renowned amongst leading physicians, medical spas, tattoo artists, estheticians, and laser practitioners worldwide. We’re excited to bring this advanced laser and its unparalleled treatment results to the greater Latrobe area.

The Astanza Duality is a state-of-the-art Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Q-switch refers to the type of pulse the laser creates. Unlike laser pointers that produce a continuous beam of light, Q-switched lasers have light energy pulses that last as little as billionths of a second. Since the laser releases energy in such a short amount of time, the power is concentrated into very intense pulses. These ultra-short pulses make our Astanza Duality the ultimate solution for safely removing tattoo ink from the skin. The pulses are powerful enough to shatter trapped ink particles tremendously fast, allowing the laser to penetrate the skin without damaging any skin tissue.

Our Duality laser also produces two essential wavelengths for removing unwanted tattoos. The 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths target various tattoo colors and are safe for all skin types. Each wavelength targets a specific group of colors and can remove the majority of tattoo pigments when used together.

Furthermore, the Duality features a homogenized square spot laser beam to emit an even distribution of energy across the skin. This unique design minimizes treatment overlap, reducing the risk of side effects, and ensuring safer energy applications for all skin types, especially darker skin types IV-VI.

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